Skool Loop Notification App

We have subscribed to an amazing parent notification system called Skool Loop.

We will be using this notification app to alert parents when things are happening at school, for example if the school is closing due to weather related incidents.

Dear school families, as you may be aware the East Taieri School App (The Skool Loop App ) has had a number of updates in recent days.

This is to ensure your experience of the East Taieri School App is smooth and seamless.

 When you next open the school app there is a prompt which asks you to tap on the link to take you to the new and updated version of the Skool Loop app.

 Please click on this link and download the new version of the Skool Loop App. Choose our region and school and the app will automatically stay on the East Taieri school app.

 Once this has been done please delete the old version of the Skool Loop App off your phone.

There is also a short YouTube video included in this article that you can watch.