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East Taieri School is situated in a semi rural area on the outskirts of Mosgiel, Dunedin. The school is set among park like surroundings, creating a superb working and learning environment. We are a decile 9 contributing primary school, with a roll of approximately 300 students. A strength of the school is its ‘family atmosphere’ and community involvement. There is a strong tradition of high expectations and values, which are incorporated into the school culture. Syndicate and school wide activities are consciously planned to ensure that this is maintained. We are very fortunate to have children who are receptive to learning because their parents value education and fully support the staff. We believe in providing for enrichment needs primarily in the classroom, but in addition we run withdrawal extension groups focusing on different curriculum areas. Programmes are put in place for students identified as requiring extra support in certain areas. The children are well cared for and they, along with their families and a wonderfully hard working and committed staff, all contribute to our happy and positive school environment. Our staff are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our family environment.

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Next year we are going to online buying of stationery with Office Max. See below. There will be limited stock available to purchase from the School Office the week of January 26 from 10am – 2pm. When purchasing online please make sure you know your child’s class, which is on your child’s school report. In the case of the Junior Syndicate it will either be Year 1 or Year 2. Also the New Entrant pack can be purchased. In the Middle Syndicate it will be their room number and the same for the Senior Syndicate.
You can now access www.myschool.co.nz/taierischool to place your
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School reports will be sent home today. Classes and teachers for next year will be put on the reports. We will not be putting class lists up this year.
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Wednesday morning will be a clean-up morning. School will close 12 NOON. NO BUS WILL BE RUNNING ON WEDNESDAY.
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The Carol Services this year take place tomorrow Tuesday 16 December at the East Taieri Presbyterian Church
- Junior Syndicate – 11am
- Middle Syndicate – 1.30pm
- Senior Syndicate – 7pm
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We are very sad to be saying farewell to Elsie Boyens, an outstanding teacher who has contributed so much to East Taieri School over the past 12 years. As a New Entrant teacher Elsie has given so many children the best possible start to their education. She is passionate about children’s learning, has a deep understanding of her students and is always looking into the best ways to ‘hook’ children into learning. Elsie is highly professional and has willingly shared her expertise with colleagues. In her leadership role of Maths Lead Teacher, Elsie has played a vital role in providing staff with professional development, ensuring that we have been
up-to-date with the latest trends in maths teaching and
Elsie and her husband John are moving back to Hawkes Bay to be closer to family and friends. Our best wishes go with them as they start a new chapter in their lives. A huge thanks you to Elsie for all that she has done for East Taieri.

We are also sorry to be saying goodbye to Robyn McGarry who has
been fantastic in her role as librarian, adding her creative flair and
sense of fun to our library. Robyn is taking up a permanent role at St
Hilda’s as Boarding Manager of the Junior Hostel. It has been great to have had Robyn reconnect with East Taieri and we thank her for
willingly sharing her many talents with staff and students.

Paris Murphy, one of our highly valued Teacher Aides is also leaving to take up nursing training.
Paris has been amazing in her role of working with a special needs student and obviously has the skills to make a wonderful nurse. Thanks to Paris for her work at East Taieri and best wishes for her future career.
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