Wearable Arts

Wearable Arts

The Inaugural East Taieri Wearable Arts show was a huge success. The outfits that were created and produced by the children were spectacular. A lot of effort went in to the creation of the outfits and everyone was incredibly proud.

Access to the photos – taken by Craig O’Neill from O’Neill Photographics:

Click on the link: https://sth-se.diino.com/ets-wow/WOW%20Show

Password: ETSWOW

Please note that the photos will only be available until the 10th of September – you can download the images if you wish.

Congratulations to everyone, with special congratulations to the following winners:

Awesome Accessories:

1st – The Mat Hatter Rabbit

2nd – Spain

3rd – Sparkles

Highly Commended: Henry the Dog

Our Backyard:

1st – Shark in the Park

2nd – Tinkerbell’s Magic Dress

3rd – Mother Nature

Fabulous Fabrics:

1st – The Mad Queen

2nd – The Evil Mad Hat

3rd – The Magical Mushroom

Highly Commended: Soul Stealer

Plastic Fantastic:

1st – Conderella on her wedding day

2nd – Tim the Fairy God Mother

3rd – Chicken Boy

Highly Commended: Soul Stealer


Merliah Mermaid

Trash Rat


Junky Princess

Paper Bag Princes and Princesses:

1st – Queen of Trash

2nd – The New Lightning McQueen

3rd – Batman’s Black Armour

Highly Commended: Mad Cards

Well done everyone!