We believe that the needs of the individual child are paramount and that classroom programmes should challenge each learner to achieve his or her potential at a pace with which they feel comfortable.

In order to achieve this, East Taieri School endeavours to provide a balanced curriculum, providing for variety in both teaching and learning styles. We place emphasis on numeracy and literacy programmes.

We recognise our responsibility to implement any National Curriculum Guidelines but allow teachers and learners the scope to set their own specific goals and objectives.

We believe that:

» Learning is a life long process

» Self esteem affects learning

» Education is a shared responsibility among the student, family, school community and society at large

» Appreciation of individuality and diversity is an important life skill

» Co-operation is essential in a competitive world

» Our curriculum should be integrated where possible, and children should be given the opportunity to follow their own line of enquiry

East Taieri School is committed to providing programmes of enrichment and remedial assistance to cater for children’s needs across the curriculum. Reading Recovery, remedial language, phonological awareness, oral language and ESOL programmes are also in operation.

Our Librarian closely supports staff and children in the area of information skills.

We provide the opportunity for swimming tuition through the use of Mosgiel and Mosgiel West Pool facilities under the guidance of qualified swimming instructors.

Specific EOTC programmes are provided from Year 4-6

» Camp experiences for Year 5-6

Senior children are given the opportunity to participate in Australasian testing programme offered over a number of curriculum areas.

We nurture our team spirit through actively promoting:

Full school activities:

» Assemblies

» Buddy class activities

» Full school topic focus e.g. environmental education

» Athletics/cross country/jump rope etc

Syndicate planning/activities:

» Assemblies

» Cross class ability grouping (math/reading)

» Utilising teacher strengths – PE/music swaps

» Integrated topic planning

» Extra curricular activities


» Stars on Stage

» Whanau Hui

» Musical ensemble

» School choir

» Talent Quest

Physical Education:

» Netball

» Kiwi netball

» Rugby

» Cricket

» Soccer

» Miniball

» Hockey

Education Outside the Classroom:

» Camps (years 5-6)

Leadership opportunities:

» School councils

» Class monitor


Education Goals

Our school aims to provide and maintain:

» A warm, caring safe environment for staff and children, where individuals are valued and can experience success.

» A whole school, family-based team approach

» Opportunities to celebrate success – eg assemblies, acknowledgement in newsletters, MVS awards, certificates.

» Programmes and opportunities that foster and nurture a positive and healthy self image for both staff and children, and promote respect and consideration for others.

» Full coverage of NZ curriculum with particular emphasis on numeracy and literacy.

Programmes of work designed to cater for individual needs both remedial and extension. These will include programmes of work within the classroom and also withdrawal as deemed

» Programmes of work designed to cater for individual needs both remedial and extension. These will include programmes of work within the classroom and also withdrawal as deemed appropriate.

» Programmes which reflect the essential skills for learning and facilitate inquiry, self directed learning and information creation.

» Integrated use of information and communication technology as an essential tool for learning.

» A wide variety of extra curricular activities.

» Ongoing whole school professional development for our staff.

» Information and regular communication with our community.

» Extensive high quality resources for teachers and children.

» An attractive physical environment.

» Open to change.

» Quality programmes in music and art.

» Acceptance and appreciation of individuals’ cultural values and beliefs.

» Efforts to identify children and families with needs and to work as a community to support them.

» Quality fitness, PE and sporting programmes. We are very aware of the need to cater for children’s physical and health needs in addition to academic needs.

These goals will be achieved through positive partnership among children, caregivers, teachers and the wider community.

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