Extra Homework Activities

Ideas for Extra Homework Activities – Middle Syndicate

Have a go at one of these suggested activities or create one of your own.  Bring your extra homework along to school to share with your class.

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  • Poster about books or authors
  • Research Posters about a topic that interests you
  • Book Reviews
  • Pamphlets
  • Spelling Activities
  • Powerpoints or movies about interesting topics


  • Create a fitness circuit
  • Invent a game for others to play
  • Create a healthy menu for your family
  • Help someone at home to cook a meal
  • Research a new sport

Other Curriculum Areas

  • Sketch objects from home
  • Paint a picture of a scene from a holiday place
  • Conduct some science experiments at home and record your results
  • Write your own song or rap
  • Choreograph and record a creative dance

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